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MelaniaOT 7.4 Old School RPG || Anti-Bot Client || Anti DDoS22.03.20 20:24:56

MelaniaOT starts on 04.04.2020 at 14.00 CET

First 300 accounts will receive 300 premium points.
People that will make a load of accounts for premium points will not receive them.
Points will be added when the 300 accounts count will be reached.

Main Features of MelaniaOT 7.4 Real Map Server

  • 7.4 Gameplay no pz on boats, luring of monsters, parcel and uh traps!

  • Real Tibia Map

  • Real Tibia Quests

  • Real Tibia Dialog Npc

  • All oldschool runes and spells with correct formulas , I spend alot of time to make them right as they were on 7.4

  • High Uptime, Lag Free Server

  • Custom antibot client with DirectX9 support

  • Manual aiming

  • Anti DDoS system both network and server-sided

  • Shared experience

  • Task System! (around 70 tasks available)

  • Owner of the Server is Pietia known among OT community

  • Low rates

  • No restarts

  • Multi client is allowed up to 3 connections per ip

  • You can move throught players in rookgard with "use" ctrl + left click mouse

  • Server location in Vint Hill (USA) provides no lags for USA/Brazil players

  • How to play on MelaniaOT 7.4?

    You need to download custom client to play to prevent bots in game from here(feel free to scan it, it's virus free):
    Melania Client

    Rates on Melania 7.4 RPG:

    Experience 2x
    Magic lvl 1x
    Skills 2x
    Loot 1x
    2x regen rates (hp mana)

    Frag System:

    Frags to red skull per day = 3
    Frags to red skull per week = 10
    Frags to red skull per month = 25
    Frags to ban per day = 5
    Frags to ban per week = 15
    Frags to ban per month = 30

    Ban duration = 4 days.
    Red skull duration = 5 days
    check frags with command !frags

    Here are some also more detailed features of melania:
  • No delay when moving player like it was on real tibia

  • Paralyze rune no delay when healing after paralysis

  • Pushing like on real tibia

  • Heal friend throught wall

  • Here is how uh trap works on melania

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